Never Forget

This evening I happened upon a news special; 9/11: Timeline of Terror. It chronicled the attacks of September 11, 2001. As I sat and watched I became captivated unable to change the channel.

There are times in life that seem to make an imprint on our memory. This was one of those times. As painful as it may be for some to remember we should never forget. Not to remain angry, bitter, or encased in sadness; but remember all of what we took for granted as we woke up that morning. Our thoughts may have been… “Aside from a few minor changes today will be the same as yesterday”.

As I watched the program many emotions seemed to be competing for attention in my heart and mind. Grief as I thought about those that lost love ones on that horrific day; sadness as I listened to survivors share their stories; pride as stories of first responders, and good Samaritans rushing to help (while putting their lives in jeopardy) were told; and thankfulness that strength, courage, and honor were qualities that rose to the surface that day in America.

Tears filled my eyes many times during that hour. Sitting here now I remember the outpouring of love that seemed to be everywhere the days and weeks that followed that memorable day. We held our family and friends a little closer, it wasn’t such a big deal to help someone we didn’t know, the color of our skin didn’t seem to matter, and our God was welcomed openly in our thoughts and prayers.

How soon some forget. “Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.”

Cherish each and everyday, tomorrow is not promised to us. Be thankful for what you have, look for ways to help those less fortunate than you. Pray for those that have lost love ones, not just on 9-11 but for all the men and women that have paid the ultimate price; they laid down their life that others might live free.

America don’t wait for a catastrophe to happen to allow our best qualities to surface…  never forget how to show love to one another.


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