Presidential Debate

How many of you are watching this presidential debate?? I fear not enough. How can you vote if you don’t know what these two men stand for. Or better yet how can you complain about the state of this country if you don’t vote!

I have my views and I know who I am going to vote for. You have to decide who you are going to vote for; that isn’t for me or anyone else to decide.

Vote for what you stand for. You do stand for something don’t you? If you don’t stand for something you’re liable to fall for anything.  Are you voting simply on 30 sec. sound bites you hear in commercials, or what someone has told you? Do your own research, listen to these two men talk and debate. What type of nation do you want to live in? One with a robust economy standing on it’s own two feet, or one that is indebted to other more powerful nations?

America is a great country, in order for it to remain so we need to continue to stand on the principles that this country was founded on. I am concerned about the direction this nation has begun to lean. I’m concerned for our young people.

What happened to morals and respect in our great country? When did believing in Jesus become a bad thing? America is for freedom OF religion… not freedom FROM religion.

Teachers of today are fighting a hard battle; it’s as if some students aren’t coming to school to learn. On the other hand it’s time to reward good teachers and give incentives to the under performers to do better. My daughter was a middle school teacher for 7 years before becoming a vice principle; I watched her spend part of her hard earned salary for school supplies, and food (many of the children in her school district came to school hungry). Monies raised for schools should go to the school (FOR the Students!) and not administration. I support a voucher system.  Let the money follow the student, not go to the unions and administrators.

Anyway I got a little carried away. The main purpose for this post this evening was to encourage everyone to be an informed voter. If you’re not registered do so, it’s not hard.

And so, I pray for those that may hold different opinions than mine, (what I mean by this statement is that I pray for all, not just those who share the same opinions as I do) I pray for those that are down and out and need work. I pray for our youth, they are the future of this nation. I pray for our leaders who ever they may be after Nov. 7.  Our land needs to be healed.

It’s not so much what government can do for us, let’s see what we can do for each other. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Pray for one another, pray for our nation!


2 thoughts on “Presidential Debate

  1. Hi ‘crackerbarrelfreebie’ every now and then ‘political’ stuff will seep out of my finger tips 😉
    I for the most part try to keep my opinions to myself… especially when it pertains to my faith and my love for this great nation which was founded by men seeking religious freedom. (Not a popular opinion I know, take sometime and check out school books of yesteryear.)

    But then again this is my blog… where else am I to spout off.
    I am concerned for our nation, our states, and not to mention our schools. Our youth are our future…
    What are they learning?
    What are they being taught?
    Many of our schools look more like a prison than a place of learning. The need for bars (oh I mean fences) – is that to keep the students in or predators out?
    The ‘truancy laws’ are they enforced to ensure our children are in school to better themselves, or are they in place to make sure the schools receive the money they collect for the number of students in attendance?

    These questions are rhetorical, food for thought if you will. I just long for the day when schools once again are facilities where students want to learn (and they have parents and or guardians at home to motivate them to want to learn).
    Schools where teachers not only have the ability to teach, they have a love and a desire to impart knowledge. Schools that strive to find ways to make learning fun and exciting!

    Schools where respect is common place – adult to student, student to adult, adult to adult, and student to student.

    Am I dreaming, or setting the standard to high? I hold to the belief that if we aim high we are bound to do better than we’re doing now. If we don’t expect much, that is exactly what we will continue to get.

    And by the way I am aware that there are many teachers that are doing an excellent job! Hats off to you all! Keep up the good work. Also there are students striving to learn all they can, continue being the standard bearer, be a good example for your peers.

    In closing please allow a proud mother to say congratulations to our daughter. She was awarded administrator of the year (she’s an assistant principle) for her school district! We are so very proud of her.

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