If You’re Black Do You Have To Vote For Obama?

Hmm…. a black couple in Southern Ca. have a 40 minute wait at American Tires. There’s a nail in one of their tires that needs to be fixed, so they opt to walk across the HWY to the Wal-mart instead of sitting in the waiting room along side the wonderful tire display.

To get to the cross walk they have to pass a liquor store and a gas station, there are no million dollar mansions on this corner. However the golf course is across the street.

While this husband and wife wait for the signal that will allow them to cross, a pick up pulls into the cross walk.

They have to walk behind the truck to reach the side walk – the husband tells the male driver that he’s blocking the cross walk, as the light changes and the drivers speeds away he yells to the couple “Go Vote For Obama!”

So because you’re black, you’re walking, and you’re coming from the direction of a liquor store…what if anything does that mean?

California for the most part is a liberal, democratic state, but not all of it’s residents hold to those opinions.

Do you think that driver judged the black couple?











5 thoughts on “If You’re Black Do You Have To Vote For Obama?

    In the above post the scenario that I described is what happened to my husband and I last week.

    Now I’m sitting here wondering if people reading the post were hesitant to respond for fear of being perceived as racist. I know I am hesitant to chime in when others are touting the President on face book. I keep my opinions to myself.

    I am proud of the strides blacks have made in America (my great, great grandmother was a slave), and I can remember as a child our family driving through the southern states to visit grandma for the summer, stopping at gas stations that did not want our family to use their restrooms. We have come a long way (but don’t be fooled I know racism is alive and well). I choose to treat others as I would want to be treated.

    But you shouldn’t vote (or refrain from voting) for someone because of the color of their skin. Just as you shouldn’t vote solely on gender, or finances.

    Rather combine these things with the policies they stand for, and what their goals are for America (and or your city and state). Because of my faith I choose to vote for men and women that are more closely aligned with the principles this great nation was founded on, the word of God. Those that believe in and uphold the constitution, men and women that view and treat America as our home.
    {If you’d like follow this link and click on “We Are Americans” to read more.} http://www.naturalresources-wt.com/mouth.html?unique=13505036557401803#WeAreAmericans

    America welcomes others to come to this great nation, our shores are welcome to all, but as a nation we should require respect for the rules (laws) of this land. A lot of what is tolerated here would not fly in other country’s.

    The President appears to be a good person and generally seems to want to help. I just don’t agree with how he has chosen to go about it. As Americans we can’t keep spending what we don’t have. If everyday people have to live on a budget…. our Gov. should desire to do the same.

    I am by no means rich (according to mans standards – in God I am abundantly wealthy :-)). Early on in my marriage my husband was fired from his job. He took on three small part time jobs and we received food stamps to take care of our young family of five. We could not believe how much the Gov. gave us in food stamps ($600 a month). They were indeed a blessing, we ate better than we every had (actually had steak instead of ground beef lol). We were used to spending approx. $450 a month (I used a lot of coupons, and cooked meals that stretched). I was fortunate to be a stay at home mom.
    Two months later my husband was blessed to get his job back. The help from the Gov. was very much needed and appreciated. That’s what the Gov. should be a ‘helper’. Help people get back up on their own two feet. Not foster dependency.
    And yes I do realize some may never again be able to stand on their own two feet, for those yes we take care of them. All the others teach them the skills they need to get out of the hole they are in. Help them secure gainful employment hmm… that would generate more taxes.

    Excuse me for being political, it is not my intention to try to sway you one way or another. That man’s statement just kind of riled me up. Caused me to want to share my opinion.
    To often during my life I sit on the side line never opening my mouth, I decided years ago that that was going to have to stop. Although my story is not complete I do touch on what can take place if you don’t OPEN your mouth.

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