I Missed Posting!

I Was Posted

Has it really been three months since I’ve posted anything on line? Wow! It’s really kind of sad… I stopped doing what I was enjoying because I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to do.

The result. Absolutely nothing! Well if you want to call inactivity something then I scored high marks in that category; does this sound familiar to anyone else? Then you look around and wonder how you ended up in such a state.

Why must we focus so much on the negative? We learn at an early age to work harder on the things we don’t do so well, especially around:

Report Card Time

Reading – A
Writing – A
Arithmetic – B
Science – C

Sooo what do you think was discussed at the dinner table? The bad Science grade of course; not how much you enjoyed the other subjects, or what you did to accomplish the good grades. Hmmm  here’s a thought “How can you use what you do in your reading, writing, and arithmetic classes to help you achieve better results in you science class?” Celebrate the things you do well. Find ways to incorporate those skills/talents into the task you may not do so well.

I think I just helped myself! No wonder I enjoy posting so much 🙂

By talking (well you know what I mean, I’m not actually talking to you…but if you were here I would be) to others about a situation I was able to come up with a solution.

Note to self, “Take the things I enjoy about posting and integrate them into the building of the web site!” I’m a genius…not really. It just felt good saying it.  LOL

I noticed when things got too technical (or so I thought) I didn’t want to play anymore. It wasn’t enjoyable. Now it is time for some homework; acquire the skills needed to complete the task at hand. Then there will be plenty of time for play or in my case writing (talking) to others.

Well to all of you would be readers, thank you for your indulgence. I hope to have written myself out of the dreaded state of inactivity!

Message to all the ‘Hard Core’ “Do the Hard things First” people… sometimes

“… a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down!”

Yes I know we need to eat our veggies, but have you ever lived dangerously and eaten your dessert first!

Shhhh…. I won’t tell.  🙂

And yes I do realize I dated myself by my use of the term ‘Arithmetic’.


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