January 2014

So January 2014 has come and gone…

What have you done with your 44,640 minutes?

Are you off to a good start? I know many people make New Years Resolutions only to see them kind of ‘peter out’ two or three months into the new year. Hopefully this is not the case with you. I encourage you to stand strong in all of your goals! You can do it!

Do you have a nemesis, a seemingly unbeatable opponent?

  • Texting/Tweeting/Social media in general
  • Hulu/Netflix
  • Sniper Team/Mahjong/Angry Birds
  • A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands
  • Snickers/aka all chocolate! FOOD 🙂 Over Eating

Minute Embezzlers, Diet Destroyers, Dream Killers…

This is what the above list can become if allowed to eat up your minutes. Don’t let them! Remember all things in moderation. There are one thousand four hundred and forty minutes in a day use them wisely!

Minute Embezzlers:

How many minutes would it take for you to learn a new skill, to clean out your closet, or write that novel that has been pinging around in your head? Did you know that if you read pretty quick you could read the book of John in 60 minutes? There is a site that I came across that tells you how many minutes it take to lose one pound –  http://www.healthstatus.com/perl/calculator.cgi

Diet Destroyers:

It’s funny how when we are younger we seem to be able to get away with eating any and everything we want… maybe it is because we are more active. Word of advice to the young and young at heart; take care of yourself. Start eating healthier and exercising your body. Don’t wait until the doctor tells you can’t have certain things anymore due to your health.

Dream Killers:

Did you know that you don’t have to put a lid on a bucket of live crabs? Do you want to know why? It’s because the crabs grasp each other with their claws and won’t let go. If they spent less time holding each other down they could all escape to freedom.

Some people are that way. If they can’t get out of the bucket then no one can. Be mindful of who you share your dreams and aspirations with. The claws come in many disguises; jealousy, envy, fear, and doubt – to name a few.

Stay positive. Be hopeful. Stay on track, and keep your dreams before your face. Do not live your life wasting time. However do not spend every second of the day working your fingers to the bone. I do not suggest this, but if you were to rest for 2,573 minutes you could lose one pound 🙂  So they say. But that’s almost two days. Everything in moderation, remember?

Remember you only have 1,440 minutes at your disposal today…

How will you use them?

To everyone that liked and or commented on any of my post last year… Thank you!


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