Stone Soup


What do you do when you haven’t planned on fixing dinner (because of a planned fast-which turns out to be scheduled next week! Not today); and you are heading out the door to take care of errands?

You run to the fridge and stare inside…. wait for inspiration…. Voila!
There it is… two pieces of fried chicken (No, not healthy I know) from Winco (an employee owned grocery store).

I throw them in my crock pot on low with a little water to cover…. then out the door I run.

The fable of ‘Stone Soup’ came to my mind. You’ve never heard the story? I heard it as a little girl and I’ve always found it amusing. It goes something like this.
A destitute looking man happened upon a village carrying a few meager possessions. Surprisingly two of his belongings were a big cooking pot, and a rock. The man (I’m going to call him Charlie) went to the middle of town and began to make a fire. Charlie then went to the stream and filled his pot with water.
Curious towns people watched as Charlie placed the pot on the fire. To their amazement he pulled a large stone out of his knapsack and dropped it into the pot of water. The townspeople can’t take it anymore… “What are you doing?” Charlie smiles and tells them that he is making soup; it will taste remarkable. He sits and pokes at the fire and begins to tell the people that if he had a few more items it would greatly improve the flavor.
One of the women tells Charlie that she has a few carrots and wonders if they would help… you get the picture.
Different townspeople bring Charlie items that they don’t ‘mind’ parting with, all of which eventually creates a nourishing pot of Stone Soup.
So why did I share this little fable with you… because after about four of errands I made my last stop – Winco. I picked up 2 zucchini, 1 lb. of baby carrots, 1 C. potato flakes (for thickening-love the bulk food area-greatest thing ever!), a bag of spinach, an onion, 2 potatoes and frozen corn.
I hit the door with about 45minutes to spare before my husband was due home. I chopped, grated, and sliced my fresh veggies and dumped them into the crock pot. I added a cup of chicken broth, and a can of Campbell’s chicken and corn chowder. Next I whipped up a batch of corn bread muffins and dinner was finished!
When my husband asked what was for dinner… I laughed and told him Stone Soup! He told me later that when he looked at it his thought was “hmmm just smile and nod, she’s had a long day”.
Like Charlie’s soup, it was delicious and nutritious!
Do you have any spur of the moment meals that got you out of a bind… love to hear about it.


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