Treasure In The Desert

Our Desert Visitor

There is never a dull moment in the desert. We get visitors all the time (ranging anywhere from four legs to wings and even no legs).

When living in the High Desert we don’t need to look very far for treasure. I thought I would share an image of our latest guest; Mr. Tortoise. He came to visit the other day so we offered him dinner, he stayed just long enough to finish eating. He made short work of the meal, we didn’t give him all of our goodies; two zucchini seemed to be sufficient.

He enjoyed them very much, although it’s hard to tell whether a tortoise is smiling or not.

The vegetables were a gift from my sister, compliments from her garden.

I’ve tried my hand at gardening. The ground squirrels, chipmunks, and birds were all very grateful. I’ve stuck to my fruit trees, and grape vines.

The most exciting visitor was the Bob Cat, he was hiding in the wood pile one afternoon when my husband went out to gather some wood. Next would have to be the Road Runner. I kept hearing a noise at the sliding door, when I went to check it out there he was. It’s as if he was knocking on the door. What was even more astonishing was that it seemed as if he waited so I could take his picture.  He stayed on the patio for about five minutes. I then followed him outside.
Beep Beep! He was off and running.
I need to keep a camera ready to capture the unexpected desert treasure at all times. Be on the look out for treasure in your neck of the woods.