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framed_8oclock It’s been said that time wait’s for no one.

How very true, where have the last couple of months gone?

So much has been going on in the news. There have been countless times I have wanted to steal away with my computer and crank out a couple of paragraphs regarding something that took place that day in the news.

One day I was moved to tears as I listened to disturbing situations that were going on around the world. But just as quick as the title and the words began to form in my mind…

There are a few topics I will be addressing in the near future (promise). Right now it’s one a.m. and I really do need to hit the sack.

I guess I just wanted to say that I’m still here and that I care. We are living in turbulent times, but if we bother to look close enough we can and will see good.

I leave you with this, tomorrow (and for you ambitious types – today) don’t just look for ‘good’….

You be the ‘good’ someone else can see!

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Be Kind





Mama & I

Mother’s Day

Gone But Never Forgotten… Always In My Heart

Mother’s Day has come and gone…

This was the first time I was not able to wish my Mother a “Happy Mother’s Day”. I couldn’t just pick up the phone and say ‘Hi Mama’.

I miss laughing and being silly with her remembering days gone by.

I miss being able to ask questions that only she would know the answer to.

But she lives on in my heart and mind. A tear or two may fall from time to time, but more times than not I find a smile on my face remembering something she had said or done when we were together.

For those of you that are blessed to still have your Mother in your life let me encourage you not to wait for a special day to tell your mother that you care. Take a moment today to tell her that you love her.

We never know when it’s the last time we will see our love one.




How Are You Doing?

Is it just me or have we blinked and we are almost in the last quarter of this year?

Question…. “Has this year gone as you hoped it would?”

I have to admit there have been a few curve balls hurled my way… probably no different than some of you. This year I have experienced times of jubilation, sorrow, worry, joy, promotion, change, anger, extreme tiredness, creativity, enlightenment, death, and even the celebration of a new life entering this world.

My list is long, and still its just a drop in the bucket when you consider all the many things (good or bad) that can be experienced on any given day. I’m still adjusting to my Mother no longer being just a phone call away.    [Tip – don’t take your loved ones for granted]

Ladies this year is not over, and no matter what you have endured, enjoyed, or tolerated there is still time to do the things you planned on accomplishing this year. Don’t just drift; Set Your Course! Get to It! What ever your ‘It’ may be.

OK maybe I’m just talking to myself, but I’m tired of always being on the defense. If you can relate then I’m not just talking to myself. Get back in the race!

Would love to chat about time. We would love for you to join our Sisterhood.


✈ ✈ ✈ Good afternoon and welcome to flight number 2013…

We are prepared to take off into the New Year. Please make sure that your Attitude and Blessings are secured and locked in an upright position.

All self-destructive devices should be turned off at this time. All negativity, hurt and discouragement should be put away.

Should we lose Altitude under pressure, during the flight, reach out and pull down a prayer. Prayers will automatically be activated by Faith. Once your faith is activated you can assist other passengers.
There will be NO BAGGAGE allowed on this flight.

The Captain (God) has cleared us for take-off… Destination “GREATNESS”…

I received this email some time ago and I thought I had posted it. Hmmm two years ago.

I hope you enjoy it. I trust you 2015 Flight is going well. 🙂

Happy Independence Day!


Freedom from the control , influence, support, aid, or the like, of others.

Independence Day doesn’t seem to have the same ring as “The Forth of July!”. Fun and fireworks! A time of fun and celebration. Hot dogs, burgers, ribs, chips and salsa (feel free to visualize your all time favorites)!  ;->

As you enjoyed your day off, I trust everyone stayed safe, and had the opportunity to enjoy good food, friends, family and love ones. Not to mention the fireworks!

As your day ends please take a moment or two to say a ‘thank you’ in your heart for all the men and women who insure our freedom.

Enjoy The ‘Time’ You Live

Enjoying Life

We should live life to the fullest! What do you remember about your youth? Did you rush through many of the seemingly uneventful times in your life as you grew up? Were you always in such a hurry that you blew past things that you can only dream about now?

I was watching a new TV show this evening; the story line goes something like this… “a protection officer is transported from the year 2077 to 2012 along with eight terrorists who are attempting to escape execution through time travel”. 

I mention this episode to help make a point. One of the escapes is walking down the street in the year 2012 and he looks up picturing what the town looks like in his time 2077. My point is this, he was walking the streets in ‘our time’ so to speak, and I was able through the directors eyes to see what the year 2077 might look like. My thoughts as I watched the actor look up at the blue sky and then see the sky scrappers take their place was something like this…

Are there things that I see each and everyday that  I take for granted?

Then my thoughts reflected to the news I heard upon returning home from running errands this afternoon – that the little five year old boy in Alabama had been rescued. He is alive! I am so happy for him, and his family. I had been praying for him.

We need to live in the now. Stop fretting about the past. We can’t do anything to change it. Don’t be in such a hurry for tomorrow, the future isn’t promised to us. We must live in the now; time travel hasn’t been invented yet ;-). Seriously we can only effect today. I like the saying “Live Laugh Love”.

  • Treat others like you want to be treated.
  • Laugh often – it’s like taking a dose of good medicine.
  • Enjoy the ‘time’ you are living right now, tomorrow isn’t promised.

When you go outside today (or tomorrow-depending on when you read this) take a look around, a good long look. What colors do you see, what do you smell? Have things changed, or have they remained the same for a long time?

Take time to smell the roses along Your Life’s Journey.

Get Healthy, And Stay That Way!

Have you or someone you know been sick lately?

Sickness seems to be everywhere, it’s being called an epidemic.  Whether it’s the flu, bronchitis, a virus, or a nagging cold. It has been brutal. I made it from January to December 24, 2012 without catching a cold. Maybe I said “I haven’t been sick all year” one to many times :-). This virus was a ‘doozy’. I’m thankful I didn’t have the flu. This is the first week sense that time that I can truly say the cold/virus is completely gone.

Do all that you can to keep you and your love ones well. Many take the flu shot… I’m not a believer. I’ve never had a flu shot (this statement is not being shared as a model example – simply a personal conviction). Do what you have to do to stay healthy.

You know the drill…

  • Make sure you get your 8 hours of sleep
  • Stay hydrated, drink your water
  • Wash your hands well, and often
  • Eat healthier, more fruits and veggies
  • Vitamin C, and Echinacea
  • Consider taking multivitamins
  • Breath deep, take 10 good ones from time to time
  • Develop, and maintain a positive attitude
  • If at all possible avoid others that are sick (easier said than done)
  • Drink tea

These are suggestions that might be a benefit to you. Or maybe you have a few suggestions of your own that you would like to share. How many of you out there have taken the flu shot, or plan to?

Stay healthy!