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Work You’d Do Without Getting Paid!

Stop Cocooning

Spread Your Wings & Fly!


I met a young woman this morning in the Club Lounge of a particular hotel, she was so bubbly and excited about the company she has aligned herself with. I was drawn in simply by her smile and enthusiasm…. I had to ask what “It Works” meant (it was on her sweat shirt), she put her breakfast plate down and left to go to her room to get me a brochure. Did I mention she was passionate about what she does. 🙂

I’m not affiliated with her in anyway, and I’ve never used her products…. but when she told me her why (She wants to help her husband give her and their children a better life. They do what they need to do to send their young children to a school that offers STEM classes). Her desire is to leave corporate America and have a job that is fun.

I wanted to help in some way. So if you are curious check out her It Works site. Just tell her ‘Women As Treasure’ sent you. It doesn’t feather my cap, I just want her to know that I remembered her and that she made an impression.

So I ask again… are you passionate about what you are currently doing? If your answer is no what are you going to do about it? It’s time to come out of your shell, time to dust off your dream, time to break out of that cocoon.

Cocooning is the name given to the trend that sees individuals socializing less and retreating into their home more. The term was coined in the 1990s by Faith Popcorn, a trend forecaster and marketing consultant.

Faith coined the term “Cocooning” which is the impulse to stay inside when people feel the ‘outside’ has gotten too tough and scary”. They then turn their homes into a “nest” or a cocoon if you will.

It’s time for women young and old to break out of their cocoon, time to emerge like a butterfly to enjoy the life they were created to enjoy.

The process of a lava becoming a butterfly is a fascinating one…. just don’t stay inside too long 🙂


Are Bibles Allowed In School?

Hmmmm what do you think? Do you think Bibles should be allowed in schools?

You might be surprised with the answer.

When I was a young girl, at the start of school we had milk and cookies, said the pledge of allegiance to the American flag, and shock and horror!!!!

We prayed!

Those were different times, in the 1950’s and early 60’s some of the biggest school discipline problems were gum chewing and hair pulling.  Unfortunately today, children are bringing weapons and drugs with them to school.  Gang activity seems at times to be unbridled in many of our schools. Reportedly kids as young as middle school age are having sex in the school bathrooms.

During those days (50’s and 60’s) there were no policemen in the hallways; true I did get swatted a time or two by my teacher (5th grade/Ga.). But for the most part we (the students) went to school to learn. Our teachers were there to teach. There are/have been five members of my immediate family in education (ranging from special needs teacher, grade school teachers, professor, and currently an assistant principle). My heart goes out to teachers in the 21st century, our schools are powder kegs.

The teachers have become either fearful or they are just there to collect a paycheck. Police are called for everything, many schools have police assigned to their schools. As a nation we seem to be spiraling out of control in so many areas. But sticking with the school theme I came across this article that was written in 2012 regarding crazy things school children were being arrested for. One thing that I found very disturbing was the discovery of School to Prison Pipelines.

Schools used to be a place for learning. In order for them to get back on track (I do understand that there are exceptional schools and teachers in America) I would just like that to be the norm instead of an anomaly.

In closing I would love to see Bibles in schools. In schools across America on a given day you are bound to find drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, condoms, weapons, etc…

Students are allowed to share their faith at school… if they do it on their own time. And ss long as there are test in schools, there will be prayer.

For more information regarding what’s taking place 10-8-15, other than a very important wedding anniversary 🙂

How Are You Doing?

Is it just me or have we blinked and we are almost in the last quarter of this year?

Question…. “Has this year gone as you hoped it would?”

I have to admit there have been a few curve balls hurled my way… probably no different than some of you. This year I have experienced times of jubilation, sorrow, worry, joy, promotion, change, anger, extreme tiredness, creativity, enlightenment, death, and even the celebration of a new life entering this world.

My list is long, and still its just a drop in the bucket when you consider all the many things (good or bad) that can be experienced on any given day. I’m still adjusting to my Mother no longer being just a phone call away.    [Tip – don’t take your loved ones for granted]

Ladies this year is not over, and no matter what you have endured, enjoyed, or tolerated there is still time to do the things you planned on accomplishing this year. Don’t just drift; Set Your Course! Get to It! What ever your ‘It’ may be.

OK maybe I’m just talking to myself, but I’m tired of always being on the defense. If you can relate then I’m not just talking to myself. Get back in the race!

Would love to chat about time. We would love for you to join our Sisterhood.

Stone Soup


What do you do when you haven’t planned on fixing dinner (because of a planned fast-which turns out to be scheduled next week! Not today); and you are heading out the door to take care of errands?

You run to the fridge and stare inside…. wait for inspiration…. Voila!
There it is… two pieces of fried chicken (No, not healthy I know) from Winco (an employee owned grocery store).

I throw them in my crock pot on low with a little water to cover…. then out the door I run.

The fable of ‘Stone Soup’ came to my mind. You’ve never heard the story? I heard it as a little girl and I’ve always found it amusing. It goes something like this.
A destitute looking man happened upon a village carrying a few meager possessions. Surprisingly two of his belongings were a big cooking pot, and a rock. The man (I’m going to call him Charlie) went to the middle of town and began to make a fire. Charlie then went to the stream and filled his pot with water.
Curious towns people watched as Charlie placed the pot on the fire. To their amazement he pulled a large stone out of his knapsack and dropped it into the pot of water. The townspeople can’t take it anymore… “What are you doing?” Charlie smiles and tells them that he is making soup; it will taste remarkable. He sits and pokes at the fire and begins to tell the people that if he had a few more items it would greatly improve the flavor.
One of the women tells Charlie that she has a few carrots and wonders if they would help… you get the picture.
Different townspeople bring Charlie items that they don’t ‘mind’ parting with, all of which eventually creates a nourishing pot of Stone Soup.
So why did I share this little fable with you… because after about four of errands I made my last stop – Winco. I picked up 2 zucchini, 1 lb. of baby carrots, 1 C. potato flakes (for thickening-love the bulk food area-greatest thing ever!), a bag of spinach, an onion, 2 potatoes and frozen corn.
I hit the door with about 45minutes to spare before my husband was due home. I chopped, grated, and sliced my fresh veggies and dumped them into the crock pot. I added a cup of chicken broth, and a can of Campbell’s chicken and corn chowder. Next I whipped up a batch of corn bread muffins and dinner was finished!
When my husband asked what was for dinner… I laughed and told him Stone Soup! He told me later that when he looked at it his thought was “hmmm just smile and nod, she’s had a long day”.
Like Charlie’s soup, it was delicious and nutritious!
Do you have any spur of the moment meals that got you out of a bind… love to hear about it.


✈ ✈ ✈ Good afternoon and welcome to flight number 2013…

We are prepared to take off into the New Year. Please make sure that your Attitude and Blessings are secured and locked in an upright position.

All self-destructive devices should be turned off at this time. All negativity, hurt and discouragement should be put away.

Should we lose Altitude under pressure, during the flight, reach out and pull down a prayer. Prayers will automatically be activated by Faith. Once your faith is activated you can assist other passengers.
There will be NO BAGGAGE allowed on this flight.

The Captain (God) has cleared us for take-off… Destination “GREATNESS”…

I received this email some time ago and I thought I had posted it. Hmmm two years ago.

I hope you enjoy it. I trust you 2015 Flight is going well. 🙂


My eyes filled with tears as I watched video of the museum goers (tourist) in Tunis,Tunisia run for their lives. What probably started out as a pleasant trip was ending in gun fire, screaming, and ducking for cover.

Terror…. it’s not new by any stretch of the means; it’s just the evil that is currently sweeping the world.

Those images and the recent stills that have been on the news and the net are meant to strike fear in the hearts of those that view them. Don’t live in fear, that can be tormenting; but do be aware of your surroundings. Use wisdom, and common sense when out and about. Don’t throw caution to the wind, we are living in a different day and time.

My prayers for all who have lost friends, family, and love ones today..

Praying for love and peace for you, and for all others who have suffered lost recently. As a close relative is suffering from chronic heart failure I am dealing with a lost that maybe soon to come.

But for the life of a love one to be taken in such a senseless way…..
no more words 😦

1st Quarter Here & On It’s Way Out


Can you hear it? The Tick, Tick, Tick of time slipping from the ‘Now’ into the past. How are we spending the precious moments of time that have been placed into our life’s account?

There are 86,400 seconds in a day, each day they slip into the past never to be experienced again. At some point (if we haven’t) we need to start spending these moments wisely.

I don’t care how much money you have, you can’t buy time, we each get 1,440 minutes to make good things happen. Your looks, your education or the lack thereof, even your ethnicity has nothing to do with how many minutes you get. God has given each of us 24 hours to get it done. What is your ‘IT‘?

It’s time to live in your now! Don’t live in the past it’s gone. Don’t live in the future (by all means plan for it) just realize that the future is not here yet. – See more at: http://valuedtreasure.com/sec/45#sthash.HoPT5WXg.dpuf

It’s ridiculous how we can at times allow everyday situations to cloud our thoughts, divert our responsibilities, or hinder our purpose. It’s time to get back on track. Minutes once gone can not be recaptured.

What’s your passion, your purpose, your IT?

Get it done!