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We hold these truths to be selfevident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.                                         Thomas Jefferson

The United States of America…

I pray for our nation.

Not for Red states or Blue states… but for The ‘United‘ states.

Can we ever become ‘united’; holding differing opinions and yet civil to one another.

One persons beliefs do not make them less than or better than someone else. Instead of looking for things we disagree on why not at least try to find common ground. Surely there are a few things that we can agree on.

We all want Life, Liberty, and Happiness.

Know this, whether we are Red, Yellow, Black, or White, we all bleed red blood. Men and women have shed blood that we might live free in this nation. We must not forget that ‘Freedom’ is not Free.

We are less than a month away from our celebration of Independence Day. A day that in many cases has been boiled down to hot dogs and fireworks…

The Declaration of Independence, is a historic document that was drafted by Thomas Jefferson. We were not made up of states back then, there were 13 colonies that came together (united) to stand against their common foe – England.

When I started this post I had planned to go in a completely different direction… but I ended up here. I believe what we have lost in our great nation is Love and Respect for each other.

Because if you love and respect someone you will treat them with kindness. I know I try to treat people the way I would like to be treated. Kindness goes a Long way.

So I will continue to have faith in our nation. Faith that we will not allow hatred tear us apart. Faith that we can be that bright shining light on the hill. We definitely aren’t perfect, and we have quite a way to go in certain areas….

But there is no other place in the world where I would rather live.





Love and Condolences To

The Schofield Family


The following article was taken from a news link on the web… I believe it was written by Sarah Petz.

Forgive me for not internet savvy, I don’t have facebook or the like so I couldn’t share it there or tweet or anything else. But I wanted to share some love for the young lady known as Becca! Here is the address where I read the article. Below you will find a portion of the article.


Becca Schofield, the Riverview, N.B., teen whose campaign to spread kindness became a global movement, has died at the age of 18. 

Her family confirmed that Schofield died Saturday night after a battle with brain cancer. 

She became internationally known after she asked people on social media to do something kind for someone else. That request sparked the #BeccaToldMeTo campaign.

She inspired the movement after finding out her disease was terminal in December 2016. 

In an interview last February, Schofield told CBC she had received responses to her campaign from as far away as Spain, Japan and Australia. 

The movement even attracted the attention of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who took note of Becca’s kindness in a message on Twitter.

In a statement posted to her Facebook page, her father, Darren, said she passed away at the Moncton Hospital with family by her side.

He thanked those who participated in her campaign for giving her “strength and courage throughout her journey.” 

“You gave her the profound blessing of knowing in her too short life that she had made a difference,” he wrote.

“You gave her hope that all the good and the bad of the past three years had a meaning, even at times when that was hard to see. Our whole family has been lifted by your love, and we will continue to feel you holding us up in the hard journey ahead.” 

While the campaign may have propelled Becca to international fame, Darren Schofield said she never intended #BeccaToldMeTo to be about her.

“Her legacy is not all the good that came our way. It is the thousands of acts of kindness that grew exponentially outward from our home in Riverview, spreading across North America and beyond,” he wrote.

“We pray #Beccatoldmeto will live on. Keep her dream alive, and our beloved Becca will live forever. Be kind.”

My intentions this evening was to come and share some words about love which we so desperately today…  before doing so I thought I would glance at what was going on in the news. I came across this story about Becca.

I don’t believe in coincidences. I’m thankful I came across the story. So in closing my prayers are for the Schofield family. I pray for comfort and peace in these upcoming days, months, and even years to come. Let’s all do our part to keep #Beccatoldmeto living on.

  • This nation needs love, and it needs to heal.
  • We can have different opinions and not be disagreeable or hurtful.
  • We can align  with different political parties and still respect the office and position of President.
  • We can be housed in different shades of skin color and not hate one another simple because of those differing skin colors…

Let’s All Give Love A Chance! Do Something Kind For Someone!